Dizengoff Avenue Hotel

How it all began

Somewhere in the 30's, paving work began on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv. In the beginning, the street served as the major artery connecting the downtown area with the port. Over the years, the street became a major cultural center, the bastion of Israeli bohemians. The street is renowned for its fashion shops, shoe stores and special cafés inhabited by poets, authors, artists and other bohemians.

The Dizengoff Avenue Hotel is located right in the middle of the street, a short walking distance from major tourist attractions, including: Beit Lessin Theater, Dizengoff square, Dizengoff Center, the Mann Auditorium, beach, night clubs, pubs, cafés and more.

The hotel, designed by Architect Ifat Shochat, is a living part of Tel Aviv, designed in young, modern, urban lines, bringing Tel Aviv and its unique sites into the lobby and the bedrooms. Colors, lines and materials are all precise Tel Aviv style.

The hotel honors key sites in the city and each room is named for a central location. Thus you can find the Port Room (named for the Tel Aviv port), or the Sheinkin Room (named for the popular shopping street), Rothschild Room (named for the famous avenue) and many more.

Hotel guests are ensured a different experience: sense, see and live the city of Tel Aviv.

  • Economy room
  • Classic twin
  • Classic room
  • Superior Room
  • Premium room
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